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Razel-Bec, built to make the future better

Theses builders and pioneers contributed greatly to the construction of transport infrastructures - railroads and roads -, energy production facilities - hydro-electric plants, power plants - and other infrastructures linked to power supply and water treatment.

While the techniques have evolved, the company's mission remains the same: to improve transport through earthworks, tunnels and bridges. In addition, the company works on contracts for water purification plants and the construction/decommissioning of nuclear plants thanks to its civil engineering expertise. Examples of this are the work sites for the Le Havre water treatment plant, the vault of the Jules Horowitz nuclear reactor in Cadarache, and the design-production contract for the Activated Waste Treatment and Storage Facility (ICEDA) in the Bugey.

Razel-Bec employs 6,000 people. These men and women drive our operational and support units and thanks to them, we have been able to build a strong Public Construction Division.


Empty portlet area

1880-1940 : The age of the entrepreneurs

Everything started with earthworks in France in 1880. The company pursued its development internationally, notably on the African continent, in Cameroon in 1948.

1950 : The reconstruction of Algeria

The post-war period saw the launch of major construction works in the 1950s and Razel opened an office in Algeria in 1954.

1960-1970 : Expansion

The launch of projects involving linear structures, notably motorways. The 1960s were a new period of extensive construction works in France, Africa and the Middle East. Opening of regional offices.

1980-2000 : External growth & technology

After earthworks, the development of several new professions thanks to external growth. Creation of an in-house design office, thereby developing the company's capability in terms of innovation.

2010 : The Civil Works Division of Fayat Group

2009, acquisition of Razel by the Fayat Group.
2012, merger of Bec and Razel, both subsidiaries of the Fayat Group.

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