The FAYAT Group, a strong shareholder
FAYAT is the fourth French construction Group. With some 18’500 employees working in over 100 countries, FAYAT is positioned all around the world. The Group offers technical and innovating solutions in domains as varied as steelworks metal, electricity, building, road building equipment, material handling and hoisting equipment, pressure vessels, civil works and special foundation.
In 2012, the consolidated turnover of the FAYAT Group was in the amount of 3.4 billion €.

RAZEL-BEC, leader when it comes to major projects
RAZEL-BEC has acquired a vast experience in numerous civil works domains: tunnelling, dams, infrastructure equipment, industrial civil engineering, earthworks, waterworks and environmental projects, handle complex operations and provide turnkey solutions.
As part of the FAYAT Group, RAZEL-BEC can boast a turnover of over 745 million € and 6’000 employees. The synergy it enjoys with other branches of the FAYAT Group allows RAZEL-BEC to provide a global offer abd to take on the most ambitious projects.