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Le Havre water treatment plant


The previous Le Havre water treatment plant dating from 1968 was replaced with a plant satisfying European standards, in particular for the treatment of nitrogen and phosphorus. The plant was designed to treat waste water from a population equivalent of 300,000, with a dry weather flow of 2 m3/s, a wet weather flow of 6 m3/s and a total pumping capacity of 12 m3/s.
After consolidation of the site by preloading, the foundations of the main structures (38,000 m3 of concrete and 5,000 tonnes of reinforcement) were completed in a record fifteen months.

Highlight: Design-build contract. The new plant was constructed while the existing plant remained in operation. Once the water flow had been switched, the existing plant was demolished. RAZELBEC once again demonstrated its expertise in industrial civil engineering, especially in respect of the construction schedule.

Contracting authority: Communauté d'agglomération des eaux du Havre (CODAH)
Ma tre d'oeuvre interne: Cabinet Merlin

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