Koudiat Acerdoune RCC dam


Razel-Bec constructed this roller compacted concrete (RCC) gravity dam on the Isser River in Algeria's Lakhdaria region, on a rock foundation of marly shale. The dam provides drinking water for 800,000 inhabitants (annual volume of 101 Mm3) and irrigates farmland in the East Matidja and the Lower Isser (annual volume of 69 Mm3). It is 121 metres tall, and measures 134 metres wide at the base and 8 metres at the crest, over a length of 490 metres. Total volume of concrete: 1,850,000 m3, including 1,500,000 m3 of RCC and 350,000,000 of standard concrete.

Highlight: One of the tallest dams made of RCC, with impressive facilities: a plant for pumping and treating water from the wadi necessary for processing the alluvium; 2 wadi alluvium deposit treatment plants including the RCC plant (capacity of 1,000 t/h of materials developed with 2 parallel production lines); 2 concrete preparation units ncluding the permanent unit for RCC (capacity of 450 m3/h); a 40 t/h filler production unit; and an electricity production unit required for the operation of the site, with an 11,000 kVA output.

Contracting authority: Algerian National Agency for Dams and Transfers (ANBT) for the Algerian Ministry of Water Resources.
Project management, engineering consultants and project monitoring: Coyne et Bellier

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