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Rizzanese RCC dam


The construction of this 45-metre high dam, with a crest length of 150 metres, brought together the skills of numerous RAZEL-BEC business lines. Together, they dug a 150-metre tunnel to redirect the river, opened a 160,000 m3 quarry, crushed and mixed 220,000 tonnes of aggregate rubble for the RCC and standard concrete, performed all necessary excavation via blasting (50,000 m3), constructed a watertight curtain by drilling injecting concrete some 35 metres in depth around the perimeter upstream from the foundations (200 metres) (Fayat Foundations Department), constructed the dam walls in RCC (72,000 m3), and supplied and installed the precast cladding on both sides of the dam in parallel with the construction of the dam wall. The SAPB subsidiary precast the cladding.

Highlight: The Rizzanèse hydroelectric project also included a contract for the water supply tunnel (3.5 metres in diameter and 5,816 metres in length). Also worthy of note was the construction of an overflow ski-jump spillway made of standard concrete (14,000 m3) and a composite bridge of 60 metres to cross the crest of the spillway.

Contracting authority: EDF
Project management: EDF CIH

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