Dams : RCC dams

Sarrans dam


Civil engineering work to replace the drainage system at the bottom of the Sarrans dam. Razel-Bec teams are in charge of :
- platform work on the left bank of the Truyère (13,000 m3 of rock cuttings over a height of 50 metres - 12,000 m3 of RCC backfill);
- excavating a 120 metre long tunnel with a 5.5 metre diameter;
- lagging this tunnel and the 18 metre high gate installation;
- a 1500 metre long access path at the bottom of the impounding reservoir along the side of the mountain;
- grappling work on the impounding reservoir and repair work on 200 meters of an existing bottom drainage tunnel.

Highlight: multi-trade jobsite including earthwork, mining, acrobatic work, RCC, underground work, civil engineering, maritime work and special work.

Contracting authority: EDF
Project management: EDF
RAZEL-BEC (designated representative) - GTM - MATEC

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