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Song Loulou dam


1976, Song Loulou in Cameroon, 150 km from Douala, deep in the equatorial forest. Razel meets the challenge of constructing a hydroelectric facility on the country's longest river, the Sanaga. Height: 35 metres. Length at the crest: 1,200 metres. Expected annual average flow: 2,100 m3/s. Impounding reservoir capacity: 10 Mm3.

Highlight: Razel's ability to adapt to the biotope. In terms of innovation, Razel used the most advanced technology at the time. A scientific and meticulous choice of explosives and especially an advanced sequential firing procedure.

Contracting authority: Société nationale d'électricité du Cameroon
(Sonel) (Cameroon National Electricity Company)
Project management: Sonel

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