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Tabellout RCC dam


This hydraulic structure - Algeria's 5th biggest in terms of storage capacity (approximately 294 million m3) - is located in Jijel province along the country's east coast just over 350 km from Algiers. As an important component of the system used for transferring water to the high plains, the gravity dam was built using 1 million m3 of roller compacted concrete (RCC). 115 metres tall, 366 metres long and 8 metres wide at the crest, it incorporates a free-threshold stepped spillway with an effective width of 60 metres and two bypass tunnels, each of which is 6 metres in diameter and 400 metres in length.
A transfer tunnel 13 km long and 4 m in diameter is also included in the contract. It will be excavated entirely using a TBM, working through variable, barely explored geological formations. The excavation will begin in an isolated location approximately 30 km away and then work towards the dam site. The concrete segments will also be precast in a plant on site near the starting portal of the tunnel boring machine.

Highlight: The Tabellout dam will be one of the few RCC dams built to date with an arch shape to resist seismic activity. The RCC will be prepared with aggregates made on site from the alluvium of the Djen-Djen river, on which the dam is being constructed.

Contracting authority and project management: Algerian National Dam and Transfer System Agency (ANBT)
Engineering consultants: Coyne et Bellier - Safege Consortium

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