Linear infrastructures : Airports

Brive-Souillac airport


Razel-Bec carried out the earthworks for the runway and service roads of Brive-la-Gaillarde airport. Razel-Bec's participation included the construction plans, earthworks for the platforms, the infiltration trenches, the pits, wells, drains and collection basins, and the installation of an airport safety fence.

Highlight: Levelling and filling of 11 sinkholes, earthworks in rocky terrain using blasting and crushing.

Contracting authority: Syndicat mixte pour la création et l'aménagement de l'aérodrome de Brive-Souillac
Project management: ADP Ingénierie (representative) - Scétauroute - OTH - ACJN Atelier Centre Nissou Parquet - OTH Centre

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