A4 motorway Reims southern bypass


Earthworks and drainage work for the Reims southern bypass, the A 4 motorway. Located in a suburban part of Reims, the construction site covered a 12.6 km section of the motorway, the A 4/A 26 interchange, the Taissy junction and the toll gate platform in Ormes.

Highlight: Rubble : 2,168,000 m3. Embankment : 1,483,000 m3, of which 683,000 m3 was treated. Treated subgrade : 243,000 m3. Treated capping layer : 175,700 m3. Piping network : 9,710 metress.

Contracting authority: SANEF
Project management: EGIS ROUTE

Our references in Linear infrastructures

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