Linear infrastructures : Earthworks

Garoua-Boulai-Nandeke road


The project was located in the Mbéré department of the Adamawa region, south of lot 2 of the Nandéké-Mbéré Road. In addition to the road work, it comprised the construction of 4 bridges including the 130 metre-wide Lom bridge. This steel/concrete composite structure was entirely constructed by Fayat group companies, namely Razel Cameroon for the civil engineering, CM Paimboeuf for the metal framework and Franki Fondation Senegal for the casting of the foundations. The in-house Techniques and Methods engineering department oversaw the civil engineering structure studies.

Highlight: The innovative method chosen for the Lom bridge deck relied on a patented company method which consists of launching the slabs for the composite bridge, never before seen in Cameroon. The self-patinating steel used for the metal framework, more resistant to atmospheric corrosion, was also a Cameroon first.

Contracting authority: Cameroon Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development
Project management: Cameroon Ministry of Public Works, Investment and Road Maintenance Department
Monitoring: EGIS

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