Linear infrastructures : Earthworks

RN 88 Puy-en-Velay bypass


Creation of a road by-pass around the city of Puy-en- Velay comprised of a 2x2 lane infrastructure built on-site between the viaduct over the Loire river and the connection to the existing RN 88 motorway at the Baraques site.
The project represents a new 9.6 km long route and 2 interchanges. RAZEL-BEC is performing the earthwork, drainage and clean-up work and the civil engineering:
- 6 2.4 million m3 of excavated earth;
- 5 engineering structures including one for the future access interchange at the city;
- 6 retaining walls (4 walls according to the engineered soil foundation technique, 1 nailed wall and 1 reinforced concrete wall).

Highlight: - Geotechnical investigations and "Mission G3" works sizing studies carried out;
- civil engineering performed and the transfer of certain public networks organised concurrently with the earthwork;
- multiple earthwork techniques, mining, processing and preloading compressible soil;
- rocky material in the excavated earth optimised by crushing;
- phasing restricted by automobile traffic flow
- overhead work between 650 and 900 metres;
- landscaped engineered soil walls with especially complex geometries;
- work in the river to the right of the Borne river.

Contracting authority: State - French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, represented by DREAL Auvergne
Project management: Interregional Roads Department - Puy-en-Velay Road Engineering Service

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