East European high-speed railway


RAZEL-BEC was awarded two lots of phase 2 of the East European high-speed rail line project linking Baudrecourt to Strasbourg.
Lot 43B covers a distance of 15.5 km between the towns of Lupstein and Eckwersheim. It includes 3 million m3 of earthworks, 17 engineering structures and a viaduct.
Lot 49 is located at the eastern end of the high speed rail line and connects it with the regular railway line near Strasbourg. It spans 2 km and comprises 7 engineering structures, including 4 railway viaducts, and the construction of 330,000 m3 of embankment.

Highlight: Embankment constructed on compressible ground over half of the route. Twocolumn composite structure built for the 170 metre-long Rohrbach viaduct.
Embankment constructed with the excess rubble excavated for the Saverne railway tunnel, part of which was transported via the Marne-Rhine Canal. Two viaducts built over the Paris-Strasbourg railway line with no interruption to service.

Contracting authority: French rail management authority (RFF)
Project management: SETEC

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