Tunnelling : Hydraulic tunnels

LNG Terminal


The project will enable the Port of Dunkirk to accommodate the largest LNG tankers in the world. It involves the construction of a 5 km-long tunnel, with an inner diameter of 3 metres, excavated in the clay soil of the Flanders region using an earth pressure balance TBM. As the TBM progresses the tunnel is to be lined with rings made up of 6 precast concrete segments. The tunnel will be excavated from a trench 16 metres wide and 55 metres deep between diaphragm walls. During the preparation period, an addendum to the contract added an additional lot for the construction of a pumping station, 29 metres in diameter and 18 metres deep, to be built between diaphragm walls.

Highlight: The project saw the construction of both an extremely deep trench and an undersea tunnel.

Contracting authority: Dunkirk LNG
Project management: CSM Bessac, RAZEL-BEC, Solétanche Bachy France

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