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VL9 main sewer


The VL9 main sewer relies on gravity to transport residual effluents from the Val-de-Marne sector, which previously terminated at the Charenton water treatment station on Martinet Island, to the Valenton water treatment plant. The main sewer is composed of 3 sections (section 1: 1,200 metres, section 2: 3,200 metres, section 3: 1,600 metres) punctuated with a number of access shafts.
Section 2 of the VL9 project provides for the construction of the 3,200 metre tunnel, 3 metres in inner diameter and 23 metres underground, with 1 access shaft for engineering works, and the equipment of 4 shafts and a technical room.
The tunnel was excavated using an earth pressure balance tunnel boring machine and lined with reinforced concrete segments between shaft P1 in Maisons-Alfort and shaft P3 located nearby the Pompadour intersection in Créteil.

Highlight: Tunnel excavation took place over more than 2,000 metres in an area used by the French rail authority (SNCF) for the Paris-Lyon line, with the works passing under the tracks twice. Works were carried out in sand below the water table, and in an urban area.

Contracting authority: SIAAP - Major Works Division
Project management: SIAAP - Major Works Division

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