Extension of Line 4 of the Paris Metro


As part of works to extend Line 4 of the Paris metro from Porte d'Orléans to the future Montrouge station, a singleand double-track tunnel was built at Porte d'Orléans using both the cut-and-cover technique under decking for traffic, and canopy tubes. A second double-track tunnel, 457 meters long and 8 metres wide, was also built. In addition, the contract included the street-level access structures at Leclerc and Apell on the RATP's current terminus garage loop and the Koufra access tunnel using traditional excavation technics and canopy tubes.

Highlight: The Perforex method was used for 457 metres of the tunnel between Koufra and Montrouge, passing under the Paris ring road. Prior to the excavation of the main tunnel, the abandoned quarries located beneath the site were reinforced. The work took place in a dense urban area.

Contracting authority: RATP
Project management: XELIS

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