A team that wins!

25 Jun 2018

The team led by RAZEL-BEC won a call for projects by the Société du Grand Paris to invent the Grand Paris Express public spaces.

On April 11, at the Salon des Maires d'Ile-de-France [Ile-de-France Mayors Exhibition], the Société du Grand Paris in partnership with IDF Mobilités and AMIF [Ile-de-France Mayors Association], launched a call for projects to invent the many public spaces by the Grand Paris Express stations.

Projects promoters had to answer one of five topics:
o    High quality landscaping,
o    Durable innovative coatings,
o    Street furniture offering services and uniting citizens,
o    City light improving security and ambience,
o    Travelers' well-being.

Bertrand Flahaut motivated the DRN [norther region agencies] to submit innovative street furniture to the Société du Grand Paris and partners.

To meet this challenge and set this project up in less than a month, a task team has been created associating:
- an urban architect: Atelier AConcept,
- a manufacturer of precast concrete equipment: Groupe Saint Léonard,
- and a start-up specializing in 3D concrete printing: XtreeE.

On June 14, in presence of Thierry Dallard, Chairman of the Société du Grand Paris Management Board, our project called ST@ TION 4D was presented to the Jury and awarded "Street furniture" category winner.

St@tion AD

ST@TION 4D consists in setting up a tailored bench realized thanks to the concrete 3D technology, on the future Massy Opera station site. Once printed, the bench could be moved on rails by users to fit their needs of the moment.

The bench designed by AConcept will copy the Grand Paris Express route.

This furniture will be equipped with incorporated chips in concrete that, thanks to "Beacon" technology, will interact with people (residents) via their mobile phones: geolocation, surveys, counting, etc.

An application will be developed by the start-up Sweepin Connect, a Saint Léonard Group partner, in collaboration with Massy city.

All of this equipment will be displayed next September thanks to the Razel-Bec teams and this for a 6-month experiment.

"The Grand Paris Express and especially its stations will transform city districts. In addition to the integration of these architectural objects in the urban context, the functionalities induced by these new intermodal places are to be reorganized and rethought.

This call for projects through innovation and the very diverse solutions presented is an appropriate response to this prospective exercise. I welcome the partnership between SGP, Île-de-France Mobilités and AMIF. This collaborative approach between transport stakeholders and communities is in my opinion essential to the success of the project ", underlines Stéphane Beaudet, Ile-de-France Mayors Association President, Ile-de-France Mobilités Vice-President.

"With this call for projects, we are prefiguring today the Grand Paris Express stations public spaces. Experiments are a concrete way of measuring the presented solutions relevance and their adequacy to the residents needs. It is in this co-construction and anticipation spirit that we want to succeed in designing these Grand Paris future squares", concluded Thierry Dallard, chairman of the Management Board of Société du Grand Paris

Congratulations to Nicolas Rat de Cocquard, DRN Development Manager, who led the implementation of this project for Razel-Bec.

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