First contract for the RAZEL-BEC International Directorate in Kenya

08 Jun 2018

RAZEL-BEC, in a consortium with Sogea-Satom, has been selected to restore the Mombasa Airport in Kenya.

As part of project funded by the French Development Agency, on 1st December 2017 RAZEL-BEC, in a consortium with Sogea-Satom, signed a contract with the Kenya Airports Authority to restore the runways, car parks, taxiways and airfield lighting system of the Mombasa Airport in south-east Kenya, on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

The 60 million Euro project consists mainly of performing the following work within the next 24 months:
   - Removing the existing layers by standard earth-moving or milling (150,000 m3 of earth-moving, 130,000 m2 of surface removal),
   - Rebuilding the roadway structures in hydraulic concrete or asphalt (81,000 m3 of untreated gravel, 8,000 m3 of concrete slabs, 100,000 T of asphalt),
   - Restoring the sanitation and drainage systems of the airport complex (9,000 linear metres of piping and concrete gutters),
   - Stabilising the ground and embankments surrounding the complex,
   - Replacing the runway and taxiway marking and lighting system.

Throughout the work all the airport operations of the Mombasa complex (1,200,000 passengers a year) must remain in service, which will require precise phasing alternating day and night shifts.


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