Solibra, an Ivoiro-Japanese friendship interchange

07 Jun 2018

An interchange, a genuine architectural achievement, where over 130,000 vehicles drive each day.

The interchange consists in the construction of a double flyover that will reduce congestion on the crossing known as "Solibra".

The structure consists of two prestressed slab bridges (312 m and 210 m) that form a "Y". It also consists of 3 abutments and 17 supports on 123 piles, each 35 m deep and with a diameter of 1,000 (approximately 4 km of piles).

For this complex project, which consists in redeveloping the intersection with 30,000 m2 of roadways and pavements, the Engineering and Innovation Department at RAZEL-BEC will be put under considerable pressure, particularly in managing the problems of norms (Japanese standards) and devising construction methods.


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