SATAMA SOKOURA - SANDEGUE road project in Ivory Coast

21 Dec 2020

Côte d'Ivoire has chosen to make agriculture a major component of the economy since gaining independence, and the government has placed development of the road network at the centre of its priorities. Historical investment in the road network has focused on North-South routes to serve neighbouring countries that do not have a maritime border (Burkina Faso and Mali).

The Bouaké - Bassawa - Sandégué - Tanda road is one of the remaining, unpaved links of the international road that links Liberia to Ghana through the towns of Man, Séguéla, Mankono, Bouaké and Tanda in the central regions of Côte d'Ivoire. The project considered in this document is the section of this road which will be upgraded and asphalted over 133 km and will link Satama-Sokoura and Sandégué (The 'Project').

On 07 December 2019 the Government of Ivory Coast, represented by the Minister of the Ministry of Public Works and Road Maintenance (Ministère de l'Equipement et de L'Entretien Routier (MEER) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with RAZEL CI (RAZEL-BEC) to upgrade and asphalt a 133 km section of the road, which is the Satama Sokoura - Sandégué road (the 'Project'). The Project comprises the finance, design and construction of the Project.

RAZEL-BEC UK Ltd, alongside joint venture partners JC&P Ivory Coast Ltd, will be the contracted Construction Contractor for the Project.

The financing for the Project is expected to be arranged by Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) with guarantees provided by UKEF (collectively referred to as 'the Lenders'). To achieve financing, the Project must demonstrate it has been structured to comply with Côte d'Ivoire laws and regulations, Côte d'Ivoire commitments under international law; and Lender's international guidelines and standards.

For such a project, international lenders require the submission of an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to be conducted in accordance with international standards in force. The Non-Technical Summary of this Study is made available with the attached link.



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