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Our values

o    To fulfil our commitments
o    To satisfy our customers
o    To work in a spirit of partnership and respect for human values
o    to acknowledge and value our staff and to protect the environment through responsible development
o    To ensure profitable, sustainable growth
o    To create value

To achieve these objectives, Razel-Bec's employees share strong values which are the very foundation of the company's culture.

Ambition lies at the heart of improvement and innovation. Audacity, courage and realism enable us to face every challenge.

Trust is what allows us to develop our team spirit and solidarity. Loyalty, an ethical approach and respect for diversity enable us to enjoy long-lasting relationships with all people involved in our projects.

Our expertise, know-how, continuous technical improvement, ongoing education and internal promotion form the foundations of our professionalism, which is indispensable for achieving our goals and fulfilling our commitments.

Our ethics and culture revolve around achieving results for the satisfaction of our teams, our customers and our partners. At the heart of this lies our commitment to absolute safety at work, our ability to respect costs and deadlines while providing high-quality results, and our efforts to ensure the sustainability and profitability of our company.

Razel-Bec is a human-scale, independent, responsive company that is fully committed to developing its businesses. The company is proud of its values, which are the very cornerstone of its distinctive brand.

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The "Terrasier", the symbole of the company

The "Terrassier" represents an earthwork labourer and symbolises the company's values.
The "Order of Earthworks Labourers" is awarded according to precise rules: the labourer must have excavated a million cubic metres of earth, have at least 15 years seniority and have demonstrated the high standard of professionalism that has always been Razel-Bec's trademark.


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