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The VIE scheme

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The recruitment process for the VIE scheme is centralised in Saclay (91). Candidates first apply via the Razel-Bec recruitment website and/or Ubifrance (French agency for international business development) website (www.civiweb.fr). If the candidate's CV is short-listed, they have an interview with the Recruitment Manager, usually by phone. If their application is validated, they then have an operational interview with a business manager and an human resources manager. At the end of this process, a proposal is sent to successful candidates.


The VIE contract is signed between the candidate and Ubifrance. At Razel-Bec, the VIE assignments last 12 months. In accordance with Ubifrance provisions, the VIE worker is paid an allowance (tax free in France) which is established according to the country of work.
Razel-Bec offers around ten new contracts a year. In 2014, seven permanent employment contracts were signed following VIE assignments.

A few examples of VIE assignment at Razel-Bec: Works Engineer, Management Controller, Equipment Engineer.
Host country: Cameroon, Congo, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Myanmar and Equatorial Guinea, among others

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Management Controller Razel-Bec Cameroon

"My Master's year in Berlin fuelled my desire to work in a foreign country, but this time outside of Europe. I was won over by Razel-Bec's reputation and strong market in Africa.
I therefore decided to do my VIE assignment as a management controller in Cameroon. The assignment involved several responsibilities. Working in Africa places you in a totally different environment. You need to adapt very quickly and you learn an enormous amount from being in day-to-day contact with the culture, local customs and people.
At the same time, Razel-Bec's expertise and efficiency in different fields of Public Construction Works in Cameroon gave me a top-quality training experience. What's really great is that Razel-Bec offered me the chance to continue working here, after my VIE experience.»

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