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In view of the company's international development, Razel-Bec has set up a specific recruitment process for export markets. 


French expatriates

Numerous international career opportunities are open to the company's staff in France.
Razel-Bec proposes good expatriation conditions for its staff. The company supports expatriates and their families when they leave but also when they return to France.


African expatriates

The company has always encouraged African employees to seize expatriation opportunities in different African countries. As such, the operational teams can rely on a large number of loyal employees with extensive experience of working on Razel-Bec projects all over Africa.
To build loyalty and retain our expatriate talents in Africa, the company is continuously seeking to improve their conditions (creation of a supplementary pension scheme, support programme, etc.)


Expatriates from other countries

Razel-Bec has set up processes to hire staff with an international profile from around the world. Particular attention is paid to the integration of these new employees so as to build multi-cultural teams that are proud to be involved in Razel-Bec's international adventure.

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