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Works Engineer

Qualifications: Engineering degree from Centrale, ESTP, MINES, ENSAM, INSA, ESITC

You are responsible for the organisation, methods and execution of works. You manage both the technical and financial aspects of your projects. With a strong grounding in Health and Safety management, your skills enable you to lead your teams and manage customer relations effectively.


Qualifications: Degree from an engineering school, CHEBAP (French Higher Education Institute for Construction), etc

Working in our Civil Engineering design office, you are responsible for designing innovative structures using cutting-edge techniques.

Structural Engineers design and size the structures to be built by the company. They analyse the contractual clauses of the contract and its technical characteristics and participate in establishing the various project-execution phases. They then determine the sizing of the structures, either at the call-for-tender stage or at the project-execution stage.

Naturally, their final task is to supply the plans and documents for producing the structures on site. They draw up a file describing the production processes selected, the calculation notes justifying the sizing of the structures and the construction plans required for producing the structures.

With this in mind, the structural engineer is in contact with several people involved in the project, the customer's representatives, the work sites and the specialist departments at the head office. They also call on the skills of geotechnical experts and topographical surveyors.

Environmental Engineer

Qualifications: degree or Master's degree in environmental engineering, etc.

You inform and train work-site personnel regarding environmental regulations and implement systems for ensuring compliance with requirements.

Pricing Engineer

Engineer with 5 to 10 years' experience of civil engineering works

Working in a branch or for a Major Works Division, you are responsible for pricing projects, with a view to finding the best solutions in terms of costs, lead-times and quality. Thanks to your rigour and creativity, you bring real added value to the projects you manage.

Sector Head

Engineer with 5 to 10 years' experience of civil engineering works

You manage all activities in a certain geographical sector, from the signing of projects to the execution of works. You are a leader who knows how to manage and motivate your teams of works supervisors and engineers.

Equipment Engineer

Qualifications: Engineering Degree from ENSAM, INSA, HEI, etc.

You are responsible for the equipment fleet on large projects or for a region in France or abroad. Thanks to your rigour and attention to detail, you manage your fleet and your teams like a genuine profit centre serving the company's projects

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Works Supervisor

Qualifications: Higher technical diploma in Civil Engineering, Earthworks, road and utility works, etc.

As a team leader, you are responsible for building a structure or a segment of a project in compliance with the standards and the company's policy. You are in charge of safety on a day-to-day basis.

Methods Engineer

Qualifications:Engineering degree from Centrale, ESTP, MINES, ENSAM, INSA, ESITC

Working in a design office or on a work site, you are responsible for determining all the human and material resources required for completing a project. You have a general engineering background and a good understanding of civil engineering (reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, metal roof-frames, work-site organisation) as well as a good grasp of mechanics and hydraulics.

Methods Engineers analyse projects in the pre-project or execution phase. They determine the resources and procedures to be implemented, in collaboration with the work site and structural design office. They search for and propose variants and innovations. They then establish the calculation notes, operating manuals and specifications for provisional structures and special materials, for which they design and produce plans, consult suppliers and establish tables comparing the suppliers' proposals. They establish and complete the works schedule. They verify the studies, manufacturing and assembly of the provisional structures. They maintain constant links between the work site and design office and provide technical advice throughout the project in their field of specialisation.


Qualifications: Higher technical diploma in electro-mechanical engineering, etc.

You manage repairs and maintenance on site vehicles in France and abroad.

Accounting and Administration Manager

Qualifications: Master's degree in Accounting and Business Administration, (Business School graduate, etc.)

As part of the project team, you manage the administrative team and ensure the reliability of the accounting, and the efficient administration and HR management of the project.

Health and Safety Engineer/Technician

Qualifications: Degree or higher technical diploma in HSE engineering, etc.

You implement, apply and manage all procedures relating to health, and safety. You like working in the field. Thanks to your qualities and temperament, people listen to you and you are able to appreciate the work-site environment.

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