Your career development at Razel-Bec

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Induction and integration programme

Each new member of staff is received individually by colleagues from different units who present the company's activities and markets and their own field of operation. This programme is personalised for each new recruit and lasts three weeks.

A Young Managers' Convention

A specific convention brings together all managers on permanent contracts who are under 30 years of age and who have been with the company for less than two years. The aim of the event is to:

  • develop the sense of belonging to the company through discussions with the General Management;
  • establish relationships between young managers and help them build their own network within the company;
  • give young managers a greater understanding of the Fayat Group and Razel-Bec;
  • have hands-on feedback on projects.

An appraisal interview

Each year, employees have an interview with their direct manager. It gives both parties the opportunity to have structured, constructive discussions about the employee's performance over the past year, any improvements that can be made and the objectives for the future. This interview contributes to establishing the training plan.

Technical days for transferring know-how

A 2-day seminar is organised for engineers under 40 years old and aims to:

  • share feedback;
  • discuss professional practices;
  • develop technical expertise.

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Training programmes for everyone

The Passerelle (Bridging) and Performance programmes are adapted to help you succeed and move up the ladder.

The Performance programme is aimed at young engineers who join Razel-Bec. The programme consists of mandatory and optional training modules in six fields: safety, legal affairs, management and individual efficiency, technical aspects of Public Construction Work, administration and negotiation. Over the course of five years, young engineers follow the programme and develop their professional skills.

The Passerelle (Bridging) programme. To meet rapidly changing market requirements, Razel-Bec has implemented an efficient skills management and mobility system. It gives employees at every level of the organisation the opportunity to change jobs and develop their versatility, thereby ensuring each employee's employability.

The Project Director programme. Razel-Bec aims to maintain a high-level of control over its projects. As such, the company has an active policy of developing its future project directors. The candidates are carefully selected and integrate a specific programme covering four key areas: leadership and personal development, management of complex projects, project financing, and multi-cultural management. In collaboration with a leading training institutes (École Polytechnique, Moortgat, etc.), the future project directors follow a two-year curriculum with 25 days of training following an initial professional appraisal. Following this programme, they receive the Project Director Certificate and become members of the Project Directors' Club.

Dynamic internal mobility

Razel-Bec has implemented a transparent internal mobility policy for all staff, in France and abroad. The posts to be filled are published internally on the intranet and a mobility bulletin is sent to the staff. The Human Resources Division has created committees to review the possible mobility assignments according to the company's needs.

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