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After having demonstrated its technical expertise and ability to manage large international projects when building Cameroon's first bituminized road, the Douala-Edea road, Razel-Bec exported its skills to Algeria as early as 1954, then to Guinea in 1957, mainly for road infrastructure projects.
At the end of the 1980s Razel-Bec handled projects in almost all the countries of West and Central Africa (Gabon, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Niger, Ghana, etc.) and expanded its scope of intervention: airports, railways, dams, highways...
More recently, Razel-Bec has expanded its activities in Southern and Eastern Africa, opening a subsidiary in Angola, a branch in Mozambique and overseeing major projects in Zambia and Kenya, for example .
In 2018, Razel-Bec celebrated its 70 year uninterrupted presence in Cameroon. The many projects carried out in this country were highlighted: the Douala-Edea road, Song-Loulou Dam, Douala airport, Mfoundi Canal, etc.; and its 2,200 employees, who today make it one of the largest public works companies in Cameroon.
The company can offer its customers a global multi-disciplinary set of services, particularly in industrial civil engineering and water treatment, which will be promising businesses for decades to come throughout the African continent.
Beyond the borders of Africa, Razel-Bec uses its expertise to manage major export projects. It also handles road and airport projects in the Caribbean, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Empty portlet area

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