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Empty portlet area
Empty portlet area

"Razel-Bec has constructed many dams around the world. It built the Koudiat Acerdoune and Tabellout dams in Algeria, for example. Both are among the highest compacted concrete dams in Algeria. The company is now hard at work renovating the Kariba dam in Zambia and finalising construction of the Tabellout transfer in Algeria: 2 extraordinary projects which are expected to be completed by 2020."

Jean-Philippe Cattin, Director of Dams and Regional Director of the International Division

Empty portlet area

Strengthening services

In the countries in which it has historically had a presence, Razel-Bec tends to offer its customers a global multi-business range of services. Well known for handling earthworks, road works and structures, etc.; it is able to offer its customers a wider range of activities, particularly in the fields of industrial civil engineering and water treatment, for example. In 2018 it completed the Mfoundi canal and drinking water treatment facilities in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Extending the international presence
Historically located in Western and Central Africa, Razel-Bec has more recently developed its business in southern Africa (Angola, Mozambique) and East Africa (Kenya and Zambia).
Beyond African borders it is also established in the Caribbean, the Middle East and South-East Asia, proof of the confidence it now enjoys to carry out projects around the world.

A major infrastructure player
Razel-Bec is a key player in major dam projects, it has no less than twenty international references, such as the Kariba dam in Zambia currently under construction.
In terms of underground works, it is now exporting its expertise to Italy with the Fréjus tunnel project, as well as to Algeria with the Tabellout dam, where a 14 km long transfer gallery is being constructed.
In terms of airport works, Razel-Bec has about ten references. The international team refurbished the airports of Bamako in Mali and Douala in Cameroon, etc. They are currently working in Maputo in Mozambique and in Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

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