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Objectives & commitments

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Objective 1

Protect and acknowledge employees: people are the priority

  • Health and Safety: Ensure the physical integrity and well-being of all our employees and all persons involved in our projects.
  • Optimise the Quality of life in the workplace.
  • Promote diversity, empowerment and personal development through an ambitious, hands-on Human Resources policy.

Objective 3

Protect the environment

  • Develop our environmental services: soil decontamination/depollution, asbestos removal, water-proofing, biogas units, sanitation and water treatment.
  • Reduce our energy consumption and protect resources;
  • Foster innovation to protect the environment.
  • Improve access to water.

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Objective 2

Increase customer satisfaction and trust

  • Develop and implement an integrated, certified Management System so as to meet requirements effectively.
  • Ensure the compliance of the structures delivered.
  • Develop an Innovation Divison  so as to meet customers' expectations


Objective 4

Contribute to local development

  • Contribute to social and economic development in all the regions in which the company operates.
  • Support education and schools in Africa.
  • Implement  a social policy for international staff (social protection, training, etc.).

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